The 90-DAY Massive Goals Challenge

The 90-Day Planner

Achieve MORE in 90 Days than Most People do in 1 Year.

This habit has had an amazing impact on my work life. Thanks to the 90-DAY Massive Goals Challenge, between October and December 2018, I wrote and published six books, grew my business by 50% and started a new company. I did all this while taking care of my 18-month old son, who is a crazy little ball of energy, and teaching full time. 

You can download The 90-DAY Massive Goals Challenge PDF Template here

Basic Steps

The 90-Day Planner

STEP 1. First, I decide on 3 specific goals for the year. They must be three crazy, out of the box, but specific things that I want. Not things I think I should do, but things that I REALLY WANT. I write these 3 HUGE goals at the end of the table in the section that reads YEAR OBJECTIVE. 

STEP 2. The next step I take is I go to the top of the template and I fill in the date for the first 90 day Challenge (Stage 1 of the year) in the box that says “Write date from/ to here”.  Download the 90-Day Challenge PDF Template to see the examples.

STEP 3. Under “Type of Goal- Business or Personal” I complete the relevant information. 

STEP 4. This is a very important part. This is when I break my 3 massive year goals into smaller, more achievable steps. These smaller steps become my 90-Day Goals. For each column, each 90-day goal of leads to the next 90 day goal in the same column and so on until the year goal is completed after stage 4 (October to December). 

STEP 5. This is the next crucial part of the planning process. In this part, we need to understand and write down the exact steps that will get us to our 90 day Goals. Each month can have a maximum of 3 big tasks in each box, which you need to perform to achieve each goal. You will notice that the goals in each month are still very general and big, so what we will do after we finish this plan is that we will move to the Weekly Planner, to create specific goals.   

STEP 6. In step six, you need to make sure that your monthly goals and your Stage 2 Goals in each column match the previous columns. They must be a logical progression. For example, if in column 1 my goals were to write 1 new book every month so that by the end of Stage 1 (the first 90-day period) I’ve written 3 books, my stage 2 goal (second 90-day period) might be to market my books in order to increase profits by 40%. I could then break that 90-Day Goal into smaller goals for each month and so on.

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I stole this trick from Dan Meredith and John Lamerton, who are far smarten than I am. It's had a massive impact on my work. 

This resource is all about how to stop being a prisoner of your own excuses! Take action today, so you can pass your exams, succeed at your company, build